For Justin life is changed, not ended ….

Please remember in your prayer Fr. Justin Ives, C.P., from the Adelaide Community who died in Royal Adelaide Hospital this afternoon (25th November 2009) at 5.30 p.m.


All powerful God, grant to our brother Justin, one with us in the sacred bonds of the Passion, forgiveness of his sins. His desire on earth was to be like Christ, your Son. May he rejoice in his presence and praise you for ever.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

[Votive Mass for Deceased Members of the Congregation of the Passion.]

Lord, for your faithful people life is changed, not ended. When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.

[Preface for Christian Death I]

7 Responses to “For Justin life is changed, not ended ….”

  1. Marie-Louise Adams Says:

    Father God, I thank you for your son Justin. He loved and was loved and he bore witness to the passion of Jesus.

  2. Adriana (Janet)van de Pas Says:

    Dearly Loved and Respected friend, and ‘Passionist Companion’

    Jus, it was a priviledge to have been called your New Zealand family.
    You will be greatly missed by Jana, Robbie, Tania & Kyla & Jeremy, Lisa & Andy, Kristy-Ana and Dean. Our lives will not be the same without you.
    May God bless you and Love you and Angels surround you.

  3. Pam Tobin Says:

    My deepest sympathy re the death of Fr. Justin. I first knew him when I was a student at Mercedes College before Justin was ordained. My parents were friends of his parents and were at Justin’s ordination. My sister
    Jeanette Woods was a good friend of Justin’s. May he rest in peace.
    Pam Tobin

  4. Jeanette Woods Says:

    My family and I were saddened at Fr. Justin’s death. I send my sympathy to the Passionist Community, to his sister Judy and her family Justin was a good friend, kind and helpful. I shall always be grateful to have had his presence in my life. He was a lovely man who will be missed. Shalom.

  5. Lisa Moffett Says:

    Jussy, you were an amazing friend, a masterpiece, and will forever be in our hearts. Thank you for all that you have done for us, both me and our family. You will always and forever be apart of our lives. Even though I never had the privilege of meeting you face to face… through our many phone calls and emails you have guided me and you know me better than other people do. You have been such a huge part of my spiritual life.
    So sleep with the angels my dear friend and until we meet again… lots of love and as always… big hugs. 🙂

    The Priest is a masterpiece of Christ’s divine love, wisdom and power.

  6. Cheryl McInnes Says:

    Jus, we lost touch over the years but you were always in my heart as a very dear friend during some very tough times. You were the inspiration for me returning to God and for my conversion to catholicism and brief stint in religous life. None will ever replace you and I’m personally sorry that you are gone. With God’s great love and care we may meet again in that heavenly place where He lives.

  7. Adriana (Janet)van de Pas Says:

    Jus…my dear friend. Another year has passed and I love and miss you so much, but I know you are safe in God,s love. i will always love you and treasure the friendship we had. Yours, Jana

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