Australia’s First Canonised Saint


His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI prays at Mary MacKillop’s tomb during his visit to Mary MacKillop Chapel on July 17, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

Last night Australia time, in the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI confirmed that the cure of the lady from inoperable lung cancer through the intercession of Blessed May MacKillop is a true miracle. The Sisters of St Joseph, the Congregation founded by Blessed Mary MacKillop in association with Fr Tenison Woods, Catholics and many people around the world are celebrating the good news. Today’s announcement completes the investigation of the miracle. The next step will be for the Holy Father to take the decision to canonise Blessed Mary MacKillop. Early in the Spring when His Holiness will meet in a solemn consistory with Cardinals and Bishops he will announce his decision. If it is positive, he will also announce the date for the ceremony which will take place in Rome. The canonisation of Mary MacKillop next year will recognise her as a woman of God and a woman for people, especially those most neglected, vulnerable and suffering. Mary is an inspiration still. Her memory is kept alive by so many. 

Mary MacKillop’s story  here

Injustice brought out fiery Scot in Mary  here

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