2010 Passionist Charism Resources

The resources are presented in three segments –

The first section reflects on the life, spirituality and teachings of St. Paul of the Cross. This year the article is taken from the Series of Passionist History and Spirituality No 4 entitled “St. Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionists (1694-1775)” by Fr. Fabiano Giorgini, C.P.

The second section centres on Silence and Solitude. From their very beginnings Passionists have honoured silence and solitude as a means for entering into intimacy with God. “The lack of taste for solitude and silence is one of the most common illnesses of the modern person,” writes Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev.

The third section centres on the Psalms.  “The Book of Psalms has provided countless people of faith of all ages with unique spiritual resources for worship, praise and growth.” (Connected: You and God in the Psalms, Peter Wallace, Morehouse Publishing, New York, p. 4).

The 2010 Passionist Charism Resources can be used either individually, in groups of Passionist Companions or by Passionist Communities.

The 2010 Passionist Charism Resources prepared by the Holy Spirit Province Charism Team  here

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