Passionist Ordination in Papua New Guinea

In St. Joseph’s Church at Boroko in Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) on Saturday 6th February 2010 John Auram C.P., will be ordained a priest.  Congratulations and prayerful support and good wishes!


I thank you for the announcement of your ordination. I am very pleased about that and thank the Lord. Remember that now you are obliged to greater perfection and to be a true imitator of Jesus Christ, learning to celebrate each day the holy ways of Jesus Christ, especially humility of heart, perfect obedience, meekness and patience, and perfect love of God and neighbour.  [to Anthony Pastorelli of Saint Teresa, C.P., 12th January 1765.]

2 Responses to “Passionist Ordination in Papua New Guinea”

  1. Pe.Denilson Says:

    Hello my brother on the charism and mission!! My name is Denilson … I am a father passionista!. I am Brazilian … congratulations priestly ordination! … That God will abençõe this new mission that God granted … luck always!!

  2. Minsiter Says:


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