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Venerable Mother Dolores Medina

22 February, 2010

The cause for sainthood for Mother Dolores Medina, (1860-1925) founder of the Daughters of the Passion of Christ and the Sorrowful Mother (the Mexican Passionist Sisters), is now in Rome. She is portrayed here holding a crucifix with passionate, devoted reverence. The intensity of her gaze is born of the pain she suffered in illness during which she amazed her companions with heroic patience. The lilies and gladiolas at her side were referenced from religious shrines and feast days of Mexico, her country of origin. The nopal cactus is a food staple of the Mexican poor whom she instructed her followers to love and serve.

Our vocation has meaning while there is a pain that needs remedy” (Const. 65 – Daughters of the Passion)

Canada’s Newest Bishop

22 February, 2010


Did you see the interview with Canada’s newest Catholic Bishop, 43 year old Bishop Vincent Nguyen. View it here