Being prepared for the Cross

Here I am in Rome embracing the Holy Cross for my beloved Jesus. I already forsee many trials, but I trust that in God we will overcome all of them. Next week the Constitutions go to the Sacred Congregation. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I hope it will be good. I am not prepared for anything except for strong and close embraces of the Holy Cross. [From the Letters of St. Paul of the Cross]

One Response to “Being prepared for the Cross”

  1. Peter Williams Says:

    So relevant to the situation of the Church faces in today’s world. Being involved in assisting my Bishop in dealings with complaints of sexual abuse in our Diocese. One experiences the pain of the victims and realise the burdesome Cross they carry as a result of abuse. Also the Cross the deceased offenders have carried to their grave and the Cross those who have admitted their failings must carry for the rest of their lives. May the Love of Gods Passion , Death and Resurrection permiate all the Church especially those in authority with humbleness to admit their failings.

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