The Passionist Nuns

Read more about the Passionist Nuns here

7 Responses to “The Passionist Nuns”

  1. Sponsa Christi Says:

    To our brother Australian Passionist – God bless and reward you for linking to our blog!

    • andrw Says:

      I believe your side can help with regards to the passionst crucifix witht the five relics of the saints …can reply to our query thanks

  2. andrw Says:

    can we know how to obtain a passionist crucifix with five relic of the saints ws told it can be found in sancta scala gift shop run by the passionist nuns or brothers ..can help us in this ….can we have the email to the gift shop in italy or the shop name ….or even better over your end ..looking desperately for one …….reply asap thanks

  3. an Says:

    I would like to obtain a passionst crucifx with 5 relics of saints include st gemma galgani ..can reply to us soonest ….

  4. NLP Techniques : Says:

    when i go to a gift shop, i always look for cute little stuffed animals and other cute stuffs:’,

  5. Nigel Says:

    I am a Roman catholic from India. I would like to receive a relic of any passionist saint.were can I get one. please help me to find one


    How can i become a passionist nun

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