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From Ascension Day until Pentecost

22 May, 2010

We are coming to the time of the novena in honour of the Holy Spirit, in which loving souls use all their strength to make the novena with all the devotion possible. Therefore, I do not wish to neglect providing your soul with this reminder. First of all, I wish you to make this novena as did the apostles who, as soon as Jesus had descended into heaven, returned in company of the Virgin Mary and the other holy men and women, one hundred twenty in all, to the cenacle and never ceased praying and inviting the Divine Spirit to descend into their hearts and set them on fire with his love. This is what I want you to do. From the day of the Ascension until Pentecost stay in spirit in the cenacle with the apostles and the other holy ones to invite the Holy Spirit to come into you and make you all aflame with love. Continue your usual method of prayer. Prayer is to be made not in our way, but in God’s way.

– From the Letter of St. Paul of the Cross to Marianna Alvarez, May 1737.