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Unaccountable crosses …

13 August, 2010

“Many things that seemed unaccountable crosses have proved indeed to be hidden blessings; and so will it be always in our good God’s way of dealing with us.”  (Blessed Mary MacKillop)

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An outward and inward silence …

13 August, 2010

As a man of great prayer, Paul of the Cross inculcated its importance most forcefully by word and example.

He wished his followers to pray without ceasing and desired our communities to become real schools of prayer, leading to a deep experience of God.

From him we learn the value and practice of an inward and outward silence that gives depth to our lives. This silence fosters the inner peace and calm necessary for the spirit of prayer to grow; it frees us from harassing cares, and hushes the clamour of the demands made upon us daily. 

(Passionist Constitutions No. 37)