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The Passionist Charism

29 October, 2010

The heart of the Passionist Charism beats with two continuous pulses: a) Contemplating the Passion of Jesus and living in fraternal and poor communities, located in solitude, and b) announcing the contemplated word of the Cross, giving preference to abandoned places and recognising Jesus in the suffering and in the poor. (Taken from the Report of the Superior General, Fr. Ottaviano D’Egidio, C.P., to 2010 General Synod)

Province Charism Team Meeting

28 October, 2010

Just finished a meeting of the Holy Spirit Province Charism Team at Holy Cross Retreat, Templestowe. Some photos from the iPhone …

2010 Passionist General Synod in Rome

20 October, 2010

“The General Synod is primarily an assembly that acts as a consultative body to help the Superior General. It will examine the programmes proposed by the General Chapter and evaluate their implementation. Further, it will suggest initiatives to keep the Congregation continually up to date; it will propose means for settling problems in a spirit of brotherly harmony, and will call the attention of the various Provinces to their duties towards one another.” Passionist Constitutions, 144.

You can follow the work of the 2010 Passionist General Synod  here

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Feast of St. Paul of the Cross

18 October, 2010

The mission crucifix used in 1738 by our Holy Founder, St. Paul of the Cross, during his first retreat to Mother Mary Crucified’s Benedictine community, 33 years before she became the co-foundress of the Passionist Nuns.

O good Saint Paul of the Cross,
you proclaimed God’s wonders
in the Passion of God’s only Son.
By word and deed,
you became a spiritual guide
and preacher of the gospel
to a world grown cold
to the love of Jesus Christ.
Help me to see God’s love
in the merciful cross of Jesus,
and teach me to trust
in the blessings God gives.
May the Passion of Jesus
be in my heart,
and bring life to all the world.

Our first Saint

18 October, 2010