The Passionist Charism

The heart of the Passionist Charism beats with two continuous pulses: a) Contemplating the Passion of Jesus and living in fraternal and poor communities, located in solitude, and b) announcing the contemplated word of the Cross, giving preference to abandoned places and recognising Jesus in the suffering and in the poor. (Taken from the Report of the Superior General, Fr. Ottaviano D’Egidio, C.P., to 2010 General Synod)


4 Responses to “The Passionist Charism”

  1. alex steinmiller cp Says:

    “preferance to abandoned places”

    That phrase caught my eye…then I re-read the two beating pulses of the heart= contemplating the Passion and living in fraterinty and a poor community located in solitude.

    I believe our General penned this.

    I ask myself, am I willing, still?

  2. alex steinmiller cp Says:

    who reads this site?

  3. Paolo Says:

    I read it. The statement is a truly worthy mission.

  4. matteo tassinari Says:

    Bellissimo sito questo. Vi amo tutti in Cristo.

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