18th November – Blessed Grimoaldo C.P.

“And till the present I proclaim you wondrous deeds. . . ” (Resp. Psalm).

Thus did Blessed Grimoaldo of the Purification, born Ferdinando Santamaria, testify to the world. A young Passionist, in the course of his brief life he was constantly inspired by a few basic ideas which are still meaningful to us: to give God priority, to show Jesus Crucified constant gratitude by concrete works of penance and humility; to persevere in goodness even at the cost of great sacrifice; to live with austerity and be content at all times: to be always available to others. In accord with the Passionist family’s charism, he felt that he should complete in himself Christ’s suffering for the sake of his entire Mystical Body (cf. Col 1:24). He liked to say: “I always think of Jesus when he went up to Calvary and of his Blessed Mother who walked close to the Lord, and I want to follow their suffering”.

Grimoaldo of the Purification, a model of generous spirituality

His biographers describe him as joyful even amid humiliations, contradictions and difficulties in his studies. His companions noted that although Grimoaldo did nothing different from them, he did it with an extraordinary and growing intensity of love.

Young people today and in the future can see in him a model of simple and generous spirituality, firmly rooted in Christ’s paschal mystery.

(Homily of Pope John Paul II at the Beatification of Blessed Grimoaldo Santamaria, C.P.)

One Response to “18th November – Blessed Grimoaldo C.P.”

  1. seekingjesus Says:

    My father was born in Pontecorvo which gives me extra pride today! May the passion of Christ be always in our hearts!

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