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Symbol in Passionist Spirituality

8 September, 2011

Mountain and Cave, Black and White, Heart and Cross, the Sign of the Passion – A summary of the document “The Role of Symbol in Passionist Spirituality” by Fr. Paul Francis Spencer C.P. (Studies in Passionist History and Spirituality, No. 30 Rome 1992.)

With thanks to Fr. Paul Francis, C.P.

Passionist Symbols (pdf)

The Loving Hands of God

8 September, 2011

A powerpoint presentation with quotes from the letters of St. Paul of the Cross.

The Loving Hands of God (ppt)

Yesterdays Companions

8 September, 2011

A powerpoint presentation reflecting on some of the early people in our Passionist story – Fr. Anthony Danei, Agnes Grazi, Fr. Thomas Fossi, C.P., Anthony Frattini and Bro. Bartholomew Calderoni, C.P.

Yesterdays Companions (ppt)

Who was St. Paul of the Cross??

8 September, 2011

Father Martin Bialas C.P. writes on the Founder of the Passionists, St. Paul of the Cross

Who was St. Paul of the Cross – Martin Bialas CP (pdf)

The biggest Novitiate Class in 2011 ???

8 September, 2011

On 5th September 2011 sixteen novices were received into the Passionist Novitiate in Peru.  This is probably the biggest novitiate class in the Passionist Congregation in 2011 ????