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The Cloistered Heart Blog

29 February, 2012

THE CLOISTERED HEART is a way of living for God in the midst of the world. It is heart monasticism that can be embraced by married or single persons, religious or lay. It’s an analogy in which our lives can be “monasteries,” our hearts can live in the “enclosure” of Christ, and all things may be viewed through the will of God as through a “grille.”

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27 February Feast of St. Gabriel

29 February, 2012

1st March 1838 – Born and baptised in Assisi, Italy; 21st September 1856 Clothed in the Passionist Habit; 22 September 1857 Religious Profession; 27th February 1862 Died at Isola Del Gran Sasso; 7th July 1896 Cause of Canonisation introduced by decree of Pope Leo XIII; 31st May 1908 Beatification; 13th May 1920 Canonisation.

Letter of St. Gabriel to his father shortly before his profession as a Passionist:

“I well remember, dearest father, that I promised you to return home whenever I was sure that the Lord had not called me to join this Congregation. But, dear father, how can I possibly leave so good a Master as Jesus Christ and so loving a mother as Mary? Even though I am a useless and unworthy servant, even though I continue to displease their Sacred Hearts, I realise nevertheless that they alone can impart true happiness and joy of heart. I don’t deserve it; indeed I am unworthy of such a grace. God knows I mean that with all my heart.”

Ash Wednesday

23 February, 2012

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. [Ash Wednesday Liturgy]

On Ash Wednesday, we are like people standing at the edge of a desert, preparing to join the Lord in the wilderness. Lent invites us to journey in two directions – inwards, to the inner self, and outwards, towards our brothers and sisters in need.


Grant, O Lord, that we may begin with holy fasting this campaign of Christian service, so that, as we take up battle against spiritual evils, we may be armed with weapons of self-restraint. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Passionist Profession

7 February, 2012

Bro. Erick Niyiragira, C.P., was professed a Passionist in Glen Osmond (Adelaide, South Australia) on 29th January, 2012.

Civil war broke out in Burundi in 1993, when Erick Niyiragira (then five years old), his mother, Rose and three younger brothers made a hurried and frightened escape to Tanzania, where they spent the next twelve years in a refugee camp. They were separated from Erick’s Dad and lived those years in hope that he was alive.

Under the guidance of his mother, Rose, Erick became very involved in a number of church activities in the camp and by the age of fifteen he was a catechist and youth and choir leader with a profound experience of living with and amid suffering and hardship. He held a deep desire to become a priest and was most concerned that this might not come about when the family was granted full immigration status by the Australian Government in 2005.

Two years later, Erick’s father, Andrew was located and was able to rejoin his family in Adelaide. Erick was nineteen and he had not seen his father since he was five! A way opened up now for Erick to pursue his vocation, knowing that his family had their father to assist in their care.

After a lengthy discernment, Erick joined the Passionists in Holy Cross Monastery, Templestowe, as a postulant in 2010 and began his novitiate in Glen Osmond just over twelve months ago. He has been blessed this past year to have had the benefit of wonderful mentors in Fr Wilfredo Estraza from the Philippines and Fr Tomy Kanjarathungal fromIndia as novice directors). He has had supportive classmates: Joseph and John Baptist from Vietnam; the hospitable leadership of the local community leader: Fr Tiernan Doherty; the full and active support of the local Passionist Community; and so many helpful friends, members of the Passionist Family and the Adelaide Archdiocese.

All of this was celebrated in a powerful way on Sunday night (29 January 2012) when Erick professed his vows for three years as a Passionist. He will now continue with his formation and when these three years have expired, if he and the Congregation have continued to discern that this is his vocation, Erick will take final vows and begin the final stage of preparation for Priesthood.

There was a time when “first profession‟ was a relatively private ceremony, rather than a public celebration. If we ever wanted to know why we have changed, being present on Sunday night provided the answer. St Paul’s Church was packed with a wide variety of people, young and old from different cultures, representing a variety of association with the Passionists, and included religious from different Congregations, diocesan priests and Archbishop Philip Wilson, the Archbishop of Adelaide, who declared, “I wanted to be here”.

The African singing, swaying and dancing during the liturgy was uplifting and, in fact, it was somewhat embarrassing to many of us who admitted that our conservative “stiffness‟ during songs of joy stands in such contrast to many other cultures who sing and move with prayerful enthusiasm and energy.

Fr Joachim Rego, Provincial,  led the liturgy and preached a significant message which hopefully he can be encouraged to share in the Province newsletter. As Provincial, it was Joachim’s responsibility to accept Erick’s vows and this was done with great solemnity. Following Erick’s declaration of commitment, Joachim affixed a Passionist sign to Erick’s religious habit, and presented him with a Passionist profession crucifix. These symbols are powerful reminders of the first vow Erick made, “to promote the living memory of the Passion of Jesus Christ”.

Following this, a large cross was placed on Erick’s shoulder and a crown of thorns on his head, and he slowly processed to the rear of the church and back. Many found this a very moving moment and Erick himself said he was almost overwhelmed as he filed past his parents and various friends, parishioners, Passionist sisters and brothers and could sense who this commitment was for and how he had been strengthened.

Towards the end of the liturgy Erick led us in the song: “May the Passion of Jesus Christ” and, in a warm and grateful speech, gave thanks to those who have walked with him on his journey of faith. He expressed appreciation for those who travelled significant distances to be present.

Michael Walter and Sarah Cosgrove who are part of the Victorian Youth Team and members of the Doncaster Antioch group to which Erick belonged in Melbourne were present for the profession, as were two young men, Ryan and Michael who are discerning their vocation. Maree Butler and Dennis and Mary Cougle from Templestowe were also present. Many who have assisted Erick during his novitiate with various classes were present, as were the Christian Brothers and their representatives who assisted him so much in his vocational discernment. Friends from his old school (CBC Wakefield Street) were also present. A number of professed Passionists from other communities were present along with the local community and the Passionist Sisters.

One of the priests who was present indicated the powerful nature of the ceremony by saying that he was more moved by Erick’s profession than his own ordination! A part of the reason for that may be why this brief account of the event began with a short description of Erick’s story. Erick’s family, and his mother in particular, have, through their own extraordinary experience enriched his faith and reminded him not only of his gifts, but of his responsibilities.

Archbishop Wilson said he had seen Erick’s giftedness from the time of his arrival in the Archdiocese, and it was for that reason that he was so delighted to be present, so that he could share in the response Erick is making to God‟s call.

As we know, the journey Erick has taken up, calls for dedication and commitment. His profession is an important moment in our Province; so we rejoice with him and his family that he is a Passionist.

Fr Wilfred and Fr Tomy have been selfless in their ministry which requires a great deal of attention to a small group of people for a significant amount of time. In the late 1890’s until the 1820’s, Australian Passionists received their formation in Ireland. This is the first time since then that our Province has entrusted novitiate formation to Passionists outside of our Province, and we congratulate and thank them profoundly for their effort.

May we continue to be inspired in our own Christian vocation by the response that a young man like Erick has made, and support each other in the way we know he needs.

[Source: SPIR Provincial Newsletter]

Rome in the snow ….

6 February, 2012

Photos of the Passionist Generalate under snow (with thanks to DT for photos!)