27 February Feast of St. Gabriel

1st March 1838 – Born and baptised in Assisi, Italy; 21st September 1856 Clothed in the Passionist Habit; 22 September 1857 Religious Profession; 27th February 1862 Died at Isola Del Gran Sasso; 7th July 1896 Cause of Canonisation introduced by decree of Pope Leo XIII; 31st May 1908 Beatification; 13th May 1920 Canonisation.

Letter of St. Gabriel to his father shortly before his profession as a Passionist:

“I well remember, dearest father, that I promised you to return home whenever I was sure that the Lord had not called me to join this Congregation. But, dear father, how can I possibly leave so good a Master as Jesus Christ and so loving a mother as Mary? Even though I am a useless and unworthy servant, even though I continue to displease their Sacred Hearts, I realise nevertheless that they alone can impart true happiness and joy of heart. I don’t deserve it; indeed I am unworthy of such a grace. God knows I mean that with all my heart.”

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