In the Arms of the Cross

“Most of us are repulsed by the Cross. We live in fear of suffering. We are willing to contemplate the Cross from a distance, willing to place it on our walls or to wear it on a chain over our hearts. It is quite another thing to be lifted up in its arms, to surrender to its embrace and to remain there naked, exposed and vulnerable. And yet, the saints are unanimous in testifying that for those who surrender to the embrace of the Cross and remain there, it becomes the Tree of Life.”

From the Letters of St. Paul of the Cross –

“May the most holy cross of Jesus, our Good, be always planted in the midst of our hearts so that our spirit may be granted into this Tree of Life and produce fruits worthy of penance through the infinite merits of the death of the true Author of Life.” [Letter to Fr. Erasmus Tuccinadri, 29th August 1726]

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