God’s Constant Activity

A faith conviction that St. Paul of the Cross presumes in all his direction was this: God is actively doing something in our hearts at every moment and is communicating with us at every moment. As the Scriptures put it: “He neither slumbers nor sleeps, the guardian of Israel” (Ps 121:4).

As long as we are not positively resisting this activity or refusing to listen to God’s communication, we are picking it up in the centre of our being, even though not always on the conscious level. This too is a truth that Paul of the Cross never tries to prove but just presumes for those he directs.

Paul of the Cross writes: “Remain in the divine presence in everything you do. If you are busy at work with your hands, let your mind and heart be inwardly on God” (I,75). And again, “Be at peace in your sufferings without trying too hard to understand them in your mind. A true servant of God is praying always. I don’t mean kneeling down, but with loving attentions to the divine presence.” (I, 547).

[Spiritual Direction according to St. Paul of the Cross, Bennet Kelley, C.P., p. 12-13.]

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