When Silence Seems to Speak

Back in New Jersey, I would often see people in church, very early in the morning, as I got ready for Mass. There were usually not more than two or three, but as they prayed in the darkened church I could feel the soft language a quiet church speaks in the early hours.

I don’t know if the people I saw were worrying about how they prayed or what they said. They seemed to be listening to the peace. And as they listened and as they prayed, their presence became a prayer.

They were scattered bits of light in the darkness of the morning. Their waiting and silence reminded me of the presence of God. But I never told them. Maybe I should have, but it didn’t seem necessary. They would have been surprised to hear they said so much to me … without ever uttering a word.

[Portraits of Grace, James Stephen Behens OCSO, p.90]


One Response to “When Silence Seems to Speak”

  1. amicifossacesia Says:

    Beautiful post.

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