A Place Apart

We all need a place to nurture our inner selves, an intimate spot we find conducive to reading, writing, or just “being” for a while – a place we can settle down and feel at home. Self-knowledge comes when we take the time to listen to our hearts and really hear what is going on in our place of need, love, forgiveness and hope.

Such places are as varied as they are available. For some, it is a walk on the beach; others may find peace on a bench in the park. For a young girl in Manhattan, her special get-away place is a fire escape that affords a view of the city lights, the people and the passing cars. She dreams of the good things she may become when she grows up.

Our place apart is near us. It calls to us. Let’s follow its call and be at peace, if only for a little while.

[Portraits of Grace, James Stephen Behens OCSO, p.47]


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