16th May – Feast of St. Gemma Galgani

The hallowed remains of Gemma Galgani were put into a wooden coffin in which was placed a crystal tube containing the following inscription on parchment by the Reverend D. Robert Andreuccetti, official of the above named Church of Saint Rose:

Gemma Galgani, born in Camigliano of Lucca on the twelfth of March, 1878, of Henry Galgani and Aurelia Landi. Of spotless life and singular piety, she gave admirable proofs of all Christian Virtues. Tried from her childhood by serious domestic misfortunes, purified by long and painful infirmities borne with edifying resignation, she found her only comfort in constant devotion to Jesus Crucified, to whom she ardently desired to consecrate herself in the Institute of Saint Paul of the Cross. Ripe for Heaven, she winged her flight thither on Holy Saturday, eleventh of April, 1903. Live thou with the Angels, holy soul, and pray for us.

[The Life of St. Gemma Galgani by Her Spiritual Director, Venerable Fr. Germanus, C.P., p. 324]

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