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The depths of the mystery of God

26 November, 2012

“Impelled by the Spirit, we are brought together as a community of love to carry out the mission mandated to us by the Church. Together we undertake the arduous journey of faith, seeking to explore the depths of the mystery of God. Together we share the same hope: that we shall contact in our lives the living God Who draws us to Himself. We want our journey through life to proclaim that hope to all.  In this we are inspired by the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the handmaid of the Lord; like her we trust in the Lord, joyfully confident that even our weakness can show forth to the world the saving works of God” (Passionist Constitutions, 8)

The silence of simple things ….

26 November, 2012

“It is a great blessing to have a friend. A friend is someone to lean on, someone with whom we share joys and sorrows, someone with whom silence can be shared comfortably. God seeks to befriend us and share our lives with us. Friendship with God can grow to the point where we can find long periods of silence comforting. God speaks through silence: the silence of beauty and the silence of simple things.”

16th November 1769

16 November, 2012

The Papal Bull Supremi Apostolatus, signed by Pope Clement XIV on 16th November 1769, contained the approbation of the Passionist Congregation, to which, besides juridic personality, other faculties were acknowledged. It stated that

  • The Institute is established as a Congregation of simple vows;
  • the Congregation may erect houses with churches in which to celebrate the divine offices and Mass
  • it may hold general and provincial chapters;
  • clerics may be ordained on the sole testimonials of the general or provincial under the title of “common board” or “of poverty”;
  • the general chapter and the superior general with the consent of his council can, for just causes, dispense simple vows and dismiss religious;
  • the Congregation may quest everywhere with the sole permission of the ordinary and shares all the privileges and indulgences granted to other existing orders and congregations;
  • all bishops are exhorted by the pope to receive benignly the members of the Institute and to consider them as “indafatigable laborers in the Lord’s vineyard.”

– History of the Passionists, Father Fabiano Giorgini, C.P., Volume 1, p. 190-191.

St. Paul of the Cross writes

“Last Sunday I had a long audience with our Holy Father in his own room, as poor as one used by a poor religious. With the extreme refinement of charity that he shows towards me, he handed me the bull with his own hands, that is, the extensive drafts thereof, rich in privileges, and told me to take it to the cardinal designated by his orders to put it on parchment with its solemn authentic formulae – and all free!” (Letter 1848, 7th November 1769)

Father Alphonsus O’Neill C.P.

16 November, 2012

Father Alphonsus O’Neill, C.P., the Superior of the Passionists, was an Irishman by birth. When he made application to join the Passionists, there was no Monastery in Ireland so he had to make his Novitiate in Broadway (England).

Alphonsus completed his Novitiate and was professed a Passionists in 1853. Some of his studies were made in Rome where he specialised in Scripture. He was ordained at Monte Argentario in Italy. He became a missioner in England and Ireland, and, when he came to Australuia, he had just completed a term of Provincial of the English Province. He was selected as the Superior of the mission and held office from 1887 until 1893. After that he returned to England and was regarded as one of the outstanding missioners of the Province.

Father Alphonsus (Edward) O’Neill C.P., born 11th October 1830 Stewartstown (Ireland) to James and Elizabeth O’Neill – Clothed in Passionist Habit 12th July 1852, Broadway (England) – Professed 13th July 1853 – Ordained 1st January 1856 – Died 6th October 1899 Dublin (Ireland)

Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran

16 November, 2012

“His Eminence Cardinal Moran congratulated the people of Marrickville on the privilege of having the Passionists established in their district. Of all the duties which devolved upon himself since to took charge of the diocese none had given him more gratification than that of establishing the devoted sons of St. Paul of the Cross in that place. When the foundations of the Marrickville church were laid, it would be remembered, he announced to them, that the special devotion of the church would be the Passion of Our Lord. At the time he had not the remotest thought or hope that it would be their privilege and their happiness to have as their pastors the devoted spiritual labourers who were the standard bearers of that particular devotion. However, when he received the good news that the Passionists were coming to Sydney he immediately set apart as a fitting place for them that church to commence their labours in Australia.” (Freemans Journal)

(Cardinal Moran’s Pectoral Cross)