Father Alphonsus O’Neill C.P.

Father Alphonsus O’Neill, C.P., the Superior of the Passionists, was an Irishman by birth. When he made application to join the Passionists, there was no Monastery in Ireland so he had to make his Novitiate in Broadway (England).

Alphonsus completed his Novitiate and was professed a Passionists in 1853. Some of his studies were made in Rome where he specialised in Scripture. He was ordained at Monte Argentario in Italy. He became a missioner in England and Ireland, and, when he came to Australuia, he had just completed a term of Provincial of the English Province. He was selected as the Superior of the mission and held office from 1887 until 1893. After that he returned to England and was regarded as one of the outstanding missioners of the Province.

Father Alphonsus (Edward) O’Neill C.P., born 11th October 1830 Stewartstown (Ireland) to James and Elizabeth O’Neill – Clothed in Passionist Habit 12th July 1852, Broadway (England) – Professed 13th July 1853 – Ordained 1st January 1856 – Died 6th October 1899 Dublin (Ireland)

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