The Wounds of Jesus ….

Wounds 1

Pope Francis in his homily on 13 May 2013 invited those attending to come out of themselves, and to do so by remembering Jesus’ wounds and by recognizing them in needy brothers and sisters, the sick, the ignorant, the poor and the exploited.

The Holy Father added that of all the lacerations that Jesus suffered in the Passion, he only took his wounds with him. “Which is the school where one learns to know Jesus’ wounds, His priestly wounds of intercession?” He answered indicating: “If we do not come out of ourselves and go to those wounds, we will never learn the freedom that takes us to the other exit from ourselves.”

Because there are two ways to go out. “The first to Jesus’ wounds and the second to the wounds of our brothers and sisters.” Words that are confirmed in John’s Gospel. “Truly, truly I say to you, that whatever you ask the Father in my name, He will give to you.”

“The door is open: in going to the Father, Jesus left the door open. Not because he “forgot to close it” but because “He himself is the door.”

Pope Francis asked for prayer “with the courage of the one who makes us know that Jesus is before the Father,” and with the “humility to recognize and see the wounds of Jesus in needy brothers and sisters.”

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