Brother Isidore and the Passion of Christ

man_of_sorrows_2001“Long before he heard about the Passionists, Isidore used to turn his mind to the Passion of Christ. He was a member of the Confraternity of the Stations of the Cross and every Sunday at least he made the Stations. There were quite a few people who did, mostly elderly though, but that was no deterrent for him. And when he was in pain, as he often was, he was heard to say that Our Lord surely must have suffered worse than that. If a special devotion to the Passion of Christ was one of the reasons why Fr. Bouckaert directed Isidore to the Passionists, it is not on record.

Shortly after joining the Passionists, however, the theme of the Passion of Christ appears in most of his letters. “Being mindful of the Passion of Our Lord, that is what the Passionist is really about”, he wrote. He explains to his parents how he is learning to pray without a book or anything, just with the heart, and the evening hour of meditation is mostly on the Passion.

We know through a note of Fr. Sebastian how fast a progress he made. He never changed the method he had learned in the novitiate. No mystical elevation, but an affectionate remembrance of how much our Lord has suffered for us, of how much love He has shown us in doing so. The thought of the sufferings of Jesus is our strength in our own sufferings and trials. It is all very simple and genuine.”

[The life of Brother Isidore De Loor, C.P., by Marcellus Claeys, C.P. 1976]


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