21 November 1887

Five Passionists from the Anglo Hibernian Province arrived in Sydney Town on 21st November 1887 on board the RMS Ormuz from London.

“The RMS Ormuz steamed through Sydney Heads on that Tuesday afternoon. The morning had been fine but cloudy but now the wind was coming in fresh squalls from the south-east and the sky had a threatening appearance. So much for sunny Australia.

After the steamer made its way to moor at Neutral Bay, it was about 2.30 p.m. There was a great gathering, a flotilla of launches and boats to welcome the ship. There would be many reasons for the gathering, of course, but the majority had come out simply to congratulate this “steamship of age” which had broken all records in its voyage from Plymouth to Sydney in 36 days. This was several days quicker than any previous record.” (Sydney Morning Herald)

The arrival date was a special one for the Passionists. It was the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady.  Pope Clement XIV allowed the Passionists to celebrate the Presentation as a first class feast. We learn from the contemporaries of St. Paul of the Cross that he prepared for this feast “most celebrated and holy feast” as he would for Christmas.  The first Passionist Church on Monte Argentario, as well as the first church of the Passionist Nuns at Taquinia were all given the title “Presentation”.

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