God will do what is best for us ….


Don’t think that you can overcome in a day the bad habits of a lifetime, or enjoy perfect spiritual health after years of inattention. Be patient. As long as we live we will bear the burden of ourselves, the limitations of our humanity. Perfection will have to wait for another life, another world. Of course, God has cured some people instantly; leaving no trace of their former failures. Think of Mary Magdalene. In an instant Jesus brought her from a life of sin to a life of holiness. But that same God left many of his most loyal disciples weakened by their past. Think of Peter who fell often. On one occasion he went fo far as to deny the Lord. God will do what is best for us. Most likely he will lead us little by little, one small step at a time. So we need to be patient with everyone, with everything, but especially with ourselves and with God.

[Set Your Heart Free, the Practical Spirituality of Francis de Sales, John Kirvan, p. 71]


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