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The buoyancy of God ….

2 April, 2014

old-booksFaith as trust is like floating in a deep ocean. I owe this metaphor to Soren Kirrkgaard, a radical Christian and one of the philosophical giants of the nineteenth century: faith is like floating in seventy thousand fathoms of water. If you struggle, if you tense up and thrash about, you will eventually sink. But if you relax and trust, you will float. It’s like Matthew’s story of Peter walking on the water with Jesus – when he began to be afraid, he began to sink. To help an adult class see this meaning of faith, my wife asked them, “How many of you have taught a small child to swim?” Many had. When asked to describe the experience, all said that the biggest hurdle was getting the child to relax in the water. Their consistent refrain was, “It’s okay, just relax. You’ll float, it’s okay.” Faith as trust is trusting in the buoyancy of God. Faith is trusting in the sea of being in which we love and move and have our being.

[The Heart of Christianity, Marcus J. Borg]