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How can I find the wounds of Jesus today?

3 April, 2014

photo (37)“How can I find the wounds of Jesus today? I cannot see them as Thomas saw them. I find them in doing works of mercy, in giving to the body – to the body and to the soul, but I stress the body – of your injured brethren, for they are hungry, thirsty, naked, humiliated, slaves, in prison, in hospital. These are the wounds of Jesus in our day”. [Pope Francis , 3 July 2013]


I lower my head that I may kiss you. My arms outstretched to embrace you. My hands are open to enrich you. My body is stretched out that I may be totally yours. My feet are nailed that I may never leave you. My side is open that you might enter in.


Prayers please …

3 April, 2014

Joachim Rego C.P.

To all the members of our Congregation and the Passionist Family.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our Superior General, Fr. Joachim Rego, has over the past weeks undertaken a series of health tests.

In the past 24 hours it was determined that there are some serious concerns with the circulation of blood to his heart.

The doctors have determined that although there is not an emergency situation at present, it is very prudent to make a surgical intervention at this point in order to overcome the blockages in his arteries and to ensure better health into the future.

Thus, tomorrow Thursday 3rd April, at around 07.30am Fr Joachim will undergo heart by-pass surgery at the University Hospital of Umberto I, Rome.

Following surgery, as is normal practice, Fr Joachim will be in the intensive care ward and later in the normal wards for a minimum of one week. Following this there will be a time of recuperation and rest.

As our Constitutions state, in the period of time that Fr Joachim is prevented from acting, the first Consultor Fr Augusto Canali will substitute. It will be necessary to make some amendments to the schedule of Fr General in the coming months.

Any communicatons or letters for the Superior General should now be sent to the Secretary General until further notice.

When we have further information, post surgery, we will communicate this to you.

Please keep Fr Joachim in your prayers over these next days.

Paul Cherukoduth, CP

Secretary General