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Go and find it there …..

13 April, 2014

The Cross is not an ornament that we must always put in the churches, there on the altar. It is not a symbol that distinguishes us from others. The Cross is mystery, the mystery of God who humbles himself, he becomes “nothing.” He becomes sin. Where is your sin? “I don’t know, I have so many here.” No, your sin is there, in the Cross. Go and find it there, in the wounds of the Lord and your sins will be healed, your wounds will be healed, your sins will be forgiven. The forgiveness that God gives us is not the same as cancelling a debt that we have with Him, the forgiveness that God gives us are the wounds of his Son on the Cross, raised up on the Cross. May he draw us towards Him and may we allow ourselves to be healed by him.

[Pope Francis, April 2014]

Our dream of pomp and glory ……

13 April, 2014




Lord Jesus, we greet your coming, pilgrim messiah, servant king, rejected saviour. You rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, symbol of humility and lowliness, mocking our dream of pomp and glory, demonstrating the foolishness of God before the eyes of the world. You have shown us the way of humble service, the way of true greatness. Lord Jesus, help us to follow.

[The Book of a Thousand Prayers, p. 313]