The hope in our wounds …

imagesChrist, in the resurrection, is known by his woundedness.

Ours is a faith that embraces wounds. It’s not that it celebrates pain or relishes in it. Nor does our faith ask us to seek out pain or suffering, as if our redemption is tied up with how miserable we can be for Christ.

But our faith refuses to gloss over our woundedness with hollow positive thinking. It refuses to ignore that basic tenet of human life. We will hurt.

Instead, it recognizes that our wounds, in so many ways, make us who we are. That suffering, failures, broken dreams, fractured relationships all shape our identities and even how we think about God, probably more than we’d like to admit.

Or, as Franciscan friar Richard Rohr reminds us, these wounds, and what we do with them, is at the heart of faith.

[David H. Henson, Blog – Edges of Faith]


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