The Passionist Charism – a living reality

sign-11The Passion is the most wonderful reality of God’s love in the world.

Our Passionist Charism flows from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and is revealed most fully in Jesus. The more fully and openly we enter into relationship with Jesus, the more fully we know the Charism.

At the same time the Charism is an energy that is mediated by the Spirit and experienced in relationship with others. Thus we can experience it in and through our relationship with Jesus in prayer, or through our religious community life, through our pastoral care of others, or in and through radical insertion amongst, presence to and identification with those who suffer.

The Passionist Charism is proclaimed in relationship with others. It is shared in and through the life we live and witness to; by what is said and taught; and through our pastoral contact with others. When we stand near to those who suffer pain and loss, we enter into relationships that allow us to manifest the Charism and its central truth – that the sufferings of Jesus manifest God’s boundless love and that in this sense we can find hope even in suffering.

[The Characteristics of the Passionist Charism, No 2., Rome 2006]


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