The Passionist Charism invites us into life


The Passionist Charism is a life giving force in the world. It is like a fountain offering life giving water to all who long for the experience of God’s love in the midst of their suffering and who cry out like Jesus, “I thirst”. As a gift of God the Passionist Charism exists in the world in its full force and whilst it is alive in people in all situations, it is most evident in the crucified of the world. The Charism ever invites men and women to embrace it, discover it and live it in the context of their own faith-fulled response to God.


Each person must embrace the Charism as his or her own. An encounter with our Charism invites one to conversion and indeed, coming to understand that one can live one’s life through the energy of a ‘Charism’ is in itself a gift from God. Like all graces, it cannot be forced upon us. It is offered and invites the individual to embrace the responsibility of claiming, naming and celebrating the Charism as his or her own. Many people live a Passionist Charism in their daily lives, but may not have the ‘words’ or the ‘spirituality’ to describe the central reality of their lives. But they are witnesses no less.

[The Characteristics of the Passionist Charism, No. 3, 2006]


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