A soft spot in the heart of God …

Unknown-1I go through life as a pilgrim, a pilgrim who limps, which means that I go through life as a wounded pilgrim. It is very important to know one’s woundedness and to accept it. I don’t think I have ever met a person who was not in some way wounded, whether by their background, their upbringing, early disappointments, something that has happened to them or something they have done … Just as our hearts go out to the handicapped, to those we see around us who are in need and who are wounded, so I believe it is true that there is a soft spot in the heart of God for the wounded and handicapped … Our woundedness is a reminder all the time that the Lord walks with us, touching ad healing if he wishes, but helping us to bear it if he decides not to heal us … People who think they are not wounded are people who are arrogant, self-satisfied people who think they do not need God. That is rather terrifying. Look at your own life and you will find somewhere there is a wound.

[The Mystery of the Cross, Cardinal Basil Hume.]


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