Seeing, touching, tasting, hearing and smelling …


“Catholicism is a religion of the imagination which speaks to its people through their imagination. In my boyhood it spoke to our senses through incense, candles, rosary beads and medals and oil, the denied taste of Lenten fasting, the lush hymnal and the flowery prayers, the rhetoric of mission sermons and the tinkling of sanctuary bells. Above all, it was visual, statues and pictures, the liturgical colours of the priests vestments, the lamp before the Blessed Sacrament, votive lights and flowers on little altars to the Sacred Heart or the Blessed Virgin in the church and in our homes. Seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling – here was a religion not only for souls but for bodies too. Nowadays when our religion lives more in our heads than in our bodies, we may be in danger of losing something valuable without even noticing what we have lost.”

[Ed Campion, A Place in the City, p. 18.]

One Response to “Seeing, touching, tasting, hearing and smelling …”

  1. tmeggetto Says:

    As we can clearly see, we live in a world of seeking the pleasures of our senses, always searching with the assistance of the media to outdo the last pleasure fix. (That never seems to last for very long.)
    When I read the above article it reminded me of how very important it is to often aim to feed the whole person, through mind, body and souls in union with God. If we focus on just one aspect without the other two, there always seems to be a feeling that something is deeply missing. We are very complex creatures in need of the Holy Spirit to help us make sense of our world. For myself, I always feel a deep sense of peace and calm just knowing Jesus is always there with His open invitation to love and that through His Church I can experience an indescribable sence of love, joy and peace daily. I know the Church is not perfect, but what is perfect in our world? By coming together as one in God’s love, surely we can help each other to be more like Christ for others and to make our world a better place for all. We should never give up trying, for it is only when good people doing nothing that evil wins. Thank you for the post on Seeing, touching, tasting, hearing and smelling…. We are all in this beautiful world together – let’s help each other to celebrate this amazing gift from God through gratitude, thanks, prayer and service of each other. Let our light shine for others.
    Thérèse 🌟

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