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Three Passionists – Saint Vincent Strambi, St. Paul of the Cross and Blessed Eugene Bossilkov

14 February, 2015


Titular Feast of the Passionist Congregation

13 February, 2015

UnknownFriday 13th February 2015 is the Solemnity of the Commemoration of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Titular Feast of the Passionist Congregation.

This feast, which was instituted by Saint Paul of the Cross, is a joyful celebration of the mystery of Good Friday, focussing on the Passion as “the most overwhelming sign of God’s love” (Saint Paul of the Cross).


Father, all powerful and ever living God,
we do well always and everywhere to give you thanks
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
So great was your love for the world
that you sent your only Son
Jesus Christ our Lord.
He loved us to the end
even to death on a cross.
He asked forgiveness from you, Father,
for his executioners.
He gave us his own Mother,
to be our Mother also.
Into your hands, Father,
he entrusted his spirit
and so brought to perfection
the sacrifice of our redemption.
He revealed to us
your infinite love for us
and, in the power of his resurrection,
gave us the gift of everlasting life.


We must consider how severe Christ’s suffering was. When we recall that our Lord sweat blood as he foresaw his ordeal, we can estimate what those sufferings must have been as he actually experienced them. Moreover, Jesus did nothing to alleviate his sufferings. He allowed himself to feel them as we would feel them, unaffected by the fact that he was God. Happy is the person who reflects on the life-giving passion of our Lord. He will be humble, trustful, thankful and loving toward Jesus who is our justice, our sanctification and our redemption.