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Good Friday Children’s Prayers

3 April, 2015

Lord, one day everyone loved you. Then suddenly your friends left you and betrayed you and denied they even knew you. Then people shouted for your death. Then they let you die, alone and in pain. Thank you for suffering all that for me. – Jonathan Williams

Jesus, it must have hurt so much to be crucified. I don’t want to think about it. – Peter, aged 6.

Lord Jesus, thank you for dying on a cross so that all the bad things I do can be forgiven. Marion Thomas

Lord Jesus, today is called Good Friday and it’s a very sad and dark day. I’ll remember how your enemies (and even one of your friends) betrayed you. I’ll remember too that you died on a wooden cross. I’ll remember your outstretched arms. I’ll remember how the sun went in, and the sky became black, and everywhere was still and very, very quiet. I’ll remember you Lord Jesus. Please pray for me.  –  Jan Godfrey

– 365 Children’s Prayers, Compiled and written by Bethan James | John Garrett Publishing, Melbourne, 2011