International Assembly of Passionist Nuns

General Assembly2An international assembly of Passionist Nuns convoked by the Holy See was held from 19th September – 9th October 2015. Superiors and delegates of the various Passionist Monasteries were invited to Italy from Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America, to participate in this historic meeting.

The first week of the meeting was held at SS. John and Paul’s in Rome, the Generalate of the male branch of the Congregation. The second week took place at the shrine of the young Passionist saint, Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin, at Isola Gran Sasso high up in the Apennine mountains of Italy.

The importance of the contemplative Passionist charism for the Church and the world was underlined again and again during the informative, challenging and inspiring daily lectures. The Holy See’s General Delegate for the Passionist Nuns, Mother Fernanda Barbiero, SMSD, as well as the Passionist Procurator General, Fr. Floriano DeFabiis, C.P., made clear the Church’s earnest desire that the Passionist cloisters will flourish and grow into the future.

A juridical structure of communion was formed among the Passionist Monasteries throughout the world, and a program for future collaboration was outlined.

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