Remembering His Love – Passionist Spirituality in Daily Life

This little book is about the spirituality of St. Paul of the Cross, whose mission was to guide people in the interior desert, the place of encounter with God which is within the heart of each one of us. Paul’s desire was to touch the hearts of those to whom he ministered and to make spaces for God in people’s lives. He invites us to remember the love of God which flows from the Cross of Jesus and to let that love shape our daily life.

If you would like to know more about the Passionist Companions please contact

The Director of Passionist Companions, Provincial Office, St. Paul’s Retreat, Mount Argus, Dublin 6W Ireland.

Remembering His Love


St. Paul of the Cross | Passionist Spirituality | Sharing Passionist Spirituality with Others | St. Paul of the Cross and Meditation on the Passion | A Simple Way to Meditate on the Passion | Lectio Divina | Remembering the Passion Throughout the Day


The Passionists and the Laity | The Laity who share our Charism | A Companions’ Covenant | A Companion’s Prayer | Reflections on the Companions’ Covenant | Companions’ Covenant Reflection Questions | A Passionist Companion’s Consecration


Passionist Prayers | Passionist Liturgical Calendar | Further Reading


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