In the arms of the mercy of God

From the letters of St. Paul of the Cross:

Unknown-3“As regards the sufferings and conflicts of soul you are experiencing, I can tell you, to the extent that I understand things, that your soul is always going along well. You need do nothing more than remain well enclosed in your interior, like a rocky headland, in the arms of the Mercy of God. If the storm waves of the sea pound on the rock, it means nothing. Have you ever seen the rocky headlands on the sea coast when they are battered by storms? A huge, furious wave smashes against it and the rock headland stands! Then one more furious wave smashes over the entire headland…and the rock stands! When the storm has passed, if you look over the headland, you will find the storm has cleaned up the rock of the rubble accumulated by the rock during the calm periods.”



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