6th January 1692

Anniversary of the marriage of Luca Danei and Anna Maria Massari, parents of St. Paul of the Cross (1692)


[The Church in Ovada (Italy) in which the marriage took place]

Father Paul of the Cross, of blessed memory, was born in Ovada, a small town in the Diocese of Acqui, subject to the dominion of the Republic of Genoa. His father was Luca Danei, a native of Castellazzo of Monferrato, in the Diocese of Alessandria della Paglia, a descendant of the noble family of Danei, once one of the most distinguished of that beautiful city. We might here give his exact genealogy from the archives of the same town, if we had not determined simply to write a faithful recital of the life and actions of Father Paul, who always wished to conceal the rank and importance of his family, desiring only the treasures and ornaments of Christian virtue. His mother was Anna Maria Massari, a lady of respectable parentage, born in Roveriolo, a place which also was subject to the Republic of Genoa. They resided for some time in Castellazzo, the native place of Luca, but to escape from the turmoil and the grievous inconveniences of war which were then heavily pressing on the Province of Monferrato, as well as on other parts of Lombardy, they sought a more peaceful life in Ovada where our Paul was born.

from the Life of St. Paul of the Cross by St. Vincent Strambi


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