From readings …

“Simple is better than complicated, quiet is better than noisy, what is close at hand is better than that which has to be sought” | Margaret Olley

“I could have burst into tears when my mother told me she couldn’t bear her own company. In other words she never found inner contentment. It’s not a matter of being pleased with yourself, it’s to do with self reliance. It’s tragic to come to the end of your life and not have found real contentment.” | Margaret Olley

“For all Western Society’s promise of material happiness and fulfilment, the record sales of antidepressants and rates of suicide and mental illness prove that something is seriously amiss.” | Kevin Donnelly, Taming the Black Dog

“When someone does something nasty to us or makes a mistake, we need to rub it out, put it behind us and carry on, not rub it until it is a permanent stain on everything we do, think and are …” | Lindy Chamberlain

“God heals us all in time, and tenderly.” | Julian of Norwich


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