Pope Francis @ WYD Krakow Poland

“To be attracted by power, by grandeur, by appearances, is tragically human. It is a great temptation that tries to insinuate itself everywhere. But to give oneself to others, eliminating distances, dwelling in littleness and living the reality of one’s everyday life: this is exquisitely divine.”


Visit to Auschwitz – Upon leaving, the Pope signed the Book of Honour with the following words: “Lord, have mercy on your people. Lord, forgiveness for so much cruelty!” Franciscus, 29.7.2016.


After visit of Pope Francis to Auschwitz – “How much pain! How much cruelty! How is it possible that we humans, created in the likeness of God, are cabable of doing these things?”



2 Responses to “Pope Francis @ WYD Krakow Poland”

  1. Michael McKeever Says:

    Good stuff
    Thank you
    Peace and Blessings

  2. Michael McKeever Says:

    This is so confusing.
    But that’s OK
    I’m a little slow .
    Peace and Blessings

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