Pope Francis and the Feast of the Assumption

Assumption“The Assumption of Mary is a great mystery that pertains to all of us, regarding our future; the exultation of this humble girl from Galilee, expressed in the canticle of the Magnificat, becomes the song of all mankind, who is pleased to see the Lord reach down to all men and women, lowly creatures, and take them with him into heaven.

The canticle of Mary also leads us to think about many actual sad situations, in particular those women overwhelmed by the weight of life and the drama of violence; of women who are slaves to the arrogance of the powerful; the girls forced into inhumane work; the women forced to surrender in both body and spirit to the avarice of men.

May they as soon as possible begin a life of peace, justice and love: waiting for the day when they finally feel grasped by hands that do not humiliate; but with tenderness that will lift them up and guide them on the road of life, and on to heaven.”

Angelus, 15th August 2016


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