Fr. Gerard’s 100 Random Thoughts On Joy


This latest book from me comes to you on the Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple. This would have had to have been a joyful occasion as Mary went in to the Temple of God.

“Mary was 3 years old when her parents Joachim and Anne chose to bring their daughter to the temple to consecrate her to God. It is said Mary climbed the stairs of the temple with great joy, dancing and without looking back. This tradition of the Presentation of Mary originates from apocryphal gospel according to James — writings date from the years 130-140.”

So I have tried to capture this experience of joy that Mary had.

It is clear that St Paul of the Cross had a great devotion to this feast of the Presentation. He named the first retreat of the Congregation in honour of it. In the time of Paul of the Cross, this feast was always preceded by a solemn novena. During the novena, Paul wished that the 66th Psalm “Cry out with joy to God” be sung because it revealed God’s goodness to him.

I have used imagery from the garden to illustrate the joy of creation. The photos are meant to provide a source of reflection to accompany the quotes.

Be joyful! Share joy!

Gerard Mahony, C.P.

Read Fr. Gerard’s Reflection – 100-random-thoughts-on-joy (.pdf)


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