The Power of Silence


  • We live in a society in which it seems that every space, every moment must be ‘filled’ with projects, activities and noise; there is often no time even to listen or to converse.
  • God is the friend of silence. See how nature—trees, flowers, grass—grows in silence; see the stars, the moon, and the sun, how they move in silence.
  • Silence is where God dwells. He drapes himself in silence.
  • Mankind must join a sort of resistance movement. What will become of our world if it does not look for intervals of silence?
  • The man who speaks is celebrated, and the silent man is a poor beggar in whose presence there is no need even to raise one’s eyes.
  • Today many people are drunk on speaking, always agitated, incapable of silence or respect for others. They have lost their calm and dignity.
  • At the dawn of this new millennium, the silent ones are the persons most useful to society, because—creatures of silence and interiority—they live out the authentic dimension of man. The human soul does not express itself by words alone.
  • In our consumer society, man incessantly struts like a peacock but takes no care of his soul. He displays a façade and splendid clothes that wear out and are good for the moths.
  • Keeping quiet by mastering one’s lips and tongue is a difficult, blazing, and arid work.
  • Silence is more important than any other human work. Because it expresses God.
  • Our world no longer hears God because it is constantly speaking, at a devastating speed and volume, in order to say nothing. Modern civilization does not know how to be quiet.
  • From morning to evening, from evening to morning, silence no longer has any place at all; the noise tries to prevent God himself from speaking. In this hell of noise, man disintegrates and is lost; he is broken up into countless worries, fantasies, and fears.
  • Noise is a deceptive, addictive, and false tranquilizer. The tragedy of our world is never better summed up than in the fury of senseless noise that stubbornly hates silence. This age detests the things that silence brings us to: encounter, wonder, and kneeling before God.
  • In killing silence, man assassinates God. But who will help man to be quiet? His mobile phone is continually ringing; his fingers and mind are always busy sending messages. . . . Developing a taste for prayer is probably the first and foremost battle of our age.
  • Nothing in the world is more important than the silence of God. No human noises, even the very sweet sound of the Gospel, can express the magnificent silence of God.
  • Being silent in the presence of God is almost being like God.
  • The closer we are to the Holy Spirit, the more silent we are; and the farther we are from the Spirit, the more garrulous we are.
  • Without silence, God disappears in the noise.

One Response to “The Power of Silence”

  1. Michael McKeever Says:

    Good stuff
    Thank you
    Peace and Blessings to all and your families
    during your Easter Celebration.

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