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7 June 1727 Ordination Day

7 June, 2019

2447th June is the Anniversary of the Priestly Ordination of St. Paul of the Cross and his brother, Venerable John Baptist.

“They were ordained to the priesthood on 7 June by Pope Benedict XIII, having been presented to him as candidates by Cardinal Corradini. Monsignor Crescenzi and Don Emilio Lami attended the ceremony, which took place in St. Peter’s, in the Chapel of the Canons.

Twenty nine candidates were ordained priests that morning; a further eighty four received major and minor orders. The pope, by now almost eighty-four years old, insisted on doing the ordination himself.   …. That morning he spoke to no one after the ordination except the two hermits, asking them where they received the other orders of subdiaconate and diaconate. In the hospital chapel the next day, Trinity Sunday, Paul and John Baptist celebrated Mass for the first time.” (As a Seal Upon Your Heart, The Life of St. Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionists, Paul Francis Spencer, C.P., p. 80)


“On Saturday in Ember Week, the 7th of June 1727, they were ordained priests in the Vatican Basilica by Pope Benedict XIII of holy memory. His Holiness, while imposing his hands upon Paul, pressed them on his head with peculiar earnestness, saying, “Receive the Holy Spirit,” etc. When the ceremony was concluded, he joined his hands together in fervent prayer, giving thanks and repeating, “Thanks be to God.” After the function, although he had not spoken to any of the newly ordained, with special affability he inquired of the penitent brothers whether they had received minor orders in their own country or in Rome, to which Paul meekly replied, “In Rome.” (The Life of St. Paul of the Cross by St. Vincent Strambi, C.P.)