The Passionists arrive 21 November 1887

The first Passionists from the Anglo Hibernian Province arrived in Australia on 21st November 1887.

They were  Father Alphonsus O’Neill, C.P., Father Marcellus Wright, C.P., Father Patrick Fagan, C.P., Father Colman Noonan, C.P. and Brother Lawrence Carr, C.P.

Father Marcellus Wright, C.P.

Father Marcellus was a business man when he joined the Passionists at the age of twenty two. When he arrived in Australia he was five years a priest. After ordination, he spent twelve months in the Paris House at Avenue Hoche. Here the English Irish Passionists had served the English-speaking people of Paris since 1863.

After that, he had gone to live at St. Mungo’s in Glasgow. His ministry was taken up with the giving of parish missions and his preaching was described as “all fire and earnestness.”

In the course of his years in Australia, Fr. Marcellus was superior at New Town in Tasmania and at St. Brigid’s, Marrickville and he was the first Novice Master when the Novitiate was established at Mary’s Mount in Goulburn, New South Wales.

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