From the writings of Bernard Silvestrelli CP

Silvestrelli02Who are we? Aren’t we called “Passionists”, that is, religious of the Passion of Jesus Christ? We certainly are. Such is our name. That everything be consistent with our name, we wear a black tunic as a sign of mourning, and on our tunic, we wear a badge upon which is imprinted the title of the Passion of Jesus Christ, as if to show our uniform and banner. This clearly identifies that our Congregation is distinct from other institutes in that we profess a particular attachment and singular devotion to the mystery of the Passion of our Divine Redeemer. By our profession another vow is also asked of us. In addition to the customary three vows of religion, we also promise to promote diligently in the hearts of the faithful devotion to our suffering Jesus. This also demonstrates that this devotion is our characteristic feature, our distinctive mark, the particular end of our Institute. The idea to found this new Congregation in the Church came to our Holy Founder in order to give expression to the ardent desire burning in his heart to compensate for the love Jesus had in suffering for us.

From Spiritual Conferences for Passionist Novices by Blessed Bernard Mary of Jesus (Tratt. VI, p. 177, Rome 1886)


Lord our God, you taught Blessed Bernard Mary to love the Crucified Christ by perfect detachment from material goods. Following his example and prayers, grant that through constant meditation on the Passion of Our Lord, we may live and die for him who is our Redeemer. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

New Passionist Proper Offices, Passionist Generalate Rome, 1992 p. 30

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