Passionist Icon and Relic in Nashville, USA


There is no presence of a Passionist religious community in Nashville (USA). Only “lay Passionists”. All the initiatives and regular gatherings to “keep alive the memory of the Passion” is animated by a layman named: Ken Schmitt. The Bishop has also been supportive.

As many of you know, Wednesday 29 January, we had a local celebration of 300 Years of the founding of the Passionist Community. A special Icon was created for this occasion and accompanied a 1st class relic of Saint Paul of the Cross. This Icon and Relic are traveling all over the world.

We were honoured to have the Icon and Relic stop by our little area in Nashville. What a beautiful celebration!

A special thank you to Father Joe Moons, Father Ken O’Malley, Father Bob Weiss, and Father Phil Paxton for making a special trip for this celebration. And a big thanks to everyone who was able to attend and help make this celebration beautiful!

Source: Passiochristi

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