Solemn Commemoration of the Passion


This feast is celebrated by the Passionists each year on the Friday before Ash Wednesday – Friday 21 February 2020.

The feast, which was instituted by St. Paul of the Cross, is a joyful celebration of the mystery of Good Friday focusing on the Passion as “the most overwhelming sign of God’s love” (St. Paul of the Cross).

Passionist Bishop Vincent Strambi writes, “Happy is the person who reflects on the life giving passion of our Lord. He will be humble, trustful, thankful and loving towards Jesus who is our justice, our sanctification and our redemption” .  (From the book ‘The Treasures Which We Have in Jesus Christ,’ Volume III, p. 14

May the Passion of Jesus be always in our hearts!


Mass of the Feast of the Solemn Commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ – Titular Feast of the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ

mass-solemn-commemoration-of-the-passion (.pdf)

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